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In the foundation repair industry, experience matters!!

Power lift Foundation repair provides the most experienced foundation repair specialists in the industry. Power Lift estimator's average over 20 years of experience at our company alone.  Power  lifts  job  foremen's average over 18 years of in house experience as well. It doesn't stop there, our office personnel average over 19 years with us. While…
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Beware of Cheap Foundation Repair Companies!

Cheap Foundation Repair companies are here today and gone tomorrow!  Just like in most cases you get what you pay for!  You only advertise to have the Cheapest Price Guarantee if you don’t have anything else to promote your company with!  These companies use non-reinforced Concrete Pressed Piles. Most Engineers don’t recommend Pressed Concrete Piles…
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A Busy Year for Foundation Repair in Oklahoma!

Oklahomans may be headed for a long, hot, dry summer causing Foundation Settlement Havoc!  As the summer months heat up clay soils dry out causing millions of dollars in Foundation damage.  When clay soils dry out they shrink and provide less support for your Foundation.  Yes it is true hot dry summers take a toll…
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Beware of The Cheapest Price Guarantee for Foundation Repair!

Foundation Repair in Oklahoma is not always a successful experience.  Beware of companies who advertise having a Cheapest Price Guarantee; those companies usually don’t have anything else to offer.  Most of these companies install non-reinforced pressed concrete piles, the material costs are minimal and in return their performance is minimal.  Pressed piles simply don’t work…
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