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Beware of The Cheapest Price Guarantee for Foundation Repair!

Foundation Repair in Oklahoma is not always a successful experience.  Beware of companies who advertise having a Cheapest Price Guarantee; those companies usually don’t have anything else to offer.  Most of these companies install non-reinforced pressed concrete piles, the material costs are minimal and in return their performance is minimal.  Pressed piles simply don’t work…
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For Foundation repair in Norman, Oklahoma!

Power Lift is Oklahoma’s Leading Foundation Repair Specialist.  Power Lift provides all the latest Techniques for Foundation Repair Norman, Oklahoma.  Power Lift’s Hydraulically Driven Steel Piers, Helical Piers and Poly-Urethane Foam Injection set the Industry standard for permanent cost-effective repairs.  If your home has settled or experienced Foundation movement you can depend on the Industry…
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Foundations Settle in the Heat!

Foundations settle when it’s hot! Yes, the hot summer months mark the time of year when homes and buildings sink in shrinking clay soils! This affects both residential and commercial buildings in areas where expansive soil exists. If you see cracks in the ground in your yard near your home or building you are a…
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Top 4 Problems Oklahoma Homeowners Experience

Just like any other state, Oklahoma offers its fair share of problems to homeowners due to its unique climate and geographical location. Oftentimes, these problems can be fixed by handy homeowners themselves, but other times, a professional may be required. Whether you're looking to purchase a home in Oklahoma or are a current homeowner looking…
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