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Helical Piers

Power Lift Provides One Of the Strongest Helical Piers In The Industry!

Power Lift utilizes a Patented Synchronized Lifting System with the capability to lift an unlimited number of piers at one time. We often lift over 100 piers at a time and make lifts of over 250 piers simultaneously.

Synchronized Lifting ensures that maximum elevation recovery and permanent stabilization are achieved while minimizing stress to the structure. You can rest assured that we can lift your home in as many locations as needed to achieve maximum wall rotation and alignment to restore its structural integrity. Power Lift's Standard Pier has a lifting capability of over 105,000 lbs. per pier. Power Lift's Heavy Commercial Pier has a driving and lifting capacity of up to 300,000 lbs. per pier.

Synchronized Lifting System
While lifting over 100 piers simultaneously on this courthouse, we were able to raise this building six inches. We closed many cracks and separations with minimal stress to the structure.

  • Load Transfer Sleeve maximizes lifting and load carrying capabilities.
  • By combining Helical Piers with PowerLift's patented synchronized lifting system, we provide the most advanced repair service in the industry.
  • Helical Piers provide increased load capabilities for interior slab repairs. They have become one of the more effective solutions for raising and stabilizing concrete slabs.
  • Foundation Bracket – Residential brackets have a good load capacity of over 105,000 lbs. These brackets are designed for easy adjustment in the field.
  • PowerLift equipment provides optimum torque assuring that adequate load support is reached. Torque capabilities range from 3,000 to 20,000 lbs.


POWER Lift's synchronized lifting system using helical peirshelical piers specifications PowerLift Helical piers