Concrete Raising with Polyurethane Foam Injections

The Latest and Most Advanced Form of Concrete Repair

Polyurethane concrete raising requires smaller and fewer injection holes. As well, polyurethane concrete, in conjunction with a lightweight material, can accomplish the same results of traditional mudjacking. This process, also known as Foam Lifting, offers the latest and most advanced form of concrete repair available.

The equipment required for polyurethane concrete raising is minimal – a truck or trailer holds the materials and supplies an extraordinary length of hose that can be utilized from a great distance. Crew members pull the hose to the area being repaired and inject polyurethane foam under the slab – filling voids and raising it to the proper level.

Faster Completion

Polyurethane concrete raising is over 80% quicker than other repair methods. The material will harden in minutes – allowing the repair to be finished in hours compared to days or weeks that alternative methods require.

Superb Precision

Polyurethane foam provides unsurpassed precision because the accuracy is within 1/100th of an inch. Alternative methods must take shrinkage into consideration which is avoided with polyurethane because it creates its own hydraulic lift – providing more control in the lifting process – achieving grander results.

Minor Disturbance

High-density polyurethane has a fast-acting curing time which can help traffic control by reopening lanes immediately after the injection process. Reducing the amount of delays and inconveniences can also be achieved by scheduling repairs during the night for quicker turn-around.

Increased Strength

Higher durability gives polyurethane a huge advantage over other material because it provides a solid and dense product that can permanently support the roadway structure. Its tensile strength and elongation allows it to be tough and pliable under heavy workloads.


Polyurethane foam has the unique ability to expand 20 times its liquid volume which allows it to move laterally beneath pavement – filling all voids. With this advance repairing material, polyurethane foam can contour to the shape and size of all voids, completely treating and supporting the pavement with 100% coverage.

Compounding Ability

Polyurethane foam will seep into the sub base of the concrete and will bind soil particles together which strengthens the base material. This additional compaction benefit occurs during the lifting process and provides added, overall durability.

Slimmer weight

Other methods of repair can weigh down the sub base up to 100 pounds per cubic foot plus mudjacking grout. Polyurethane foam only contributes about three to five pounds in comparison.

Higher Structural Integrity

With the use of smaller pavement injection holes, the polyurethane concrete raising method only creates holes that are 3/8” in diameter compared to 1” or larger for alternative concrete lifting procedures.

Moisture Resilient

The polyurethane material is specially formulated to resist wet conditions. The hydrophobic qualities deter and repel water without compromising integrity. It exchanges any missing sub base with a solid, dense material that is unaffected by moisture.

Moisture Seal Barrier

Polyurethane concrete raising eliminates water penetration and erosion by creating a seal underside the concrete pavement joints and cracks.

Infrastructure Restoration

The use of polyurethane foam helps offset the costs of maintenance and other repairs by giving cities, municipalities and counties more control of their aging infrastructure.

Polyurethane concrete raising can be used for multiple applications in leveling and the repair of municipal, industrial, commercial and residential needs.

Polyurethane has an extensive amount of practical uses for roads, streets, highways, tunnels and bridges. It can seal leaking manholes, fill voids caused by vibrations, level airport runways, give interior floor stabilization and supply foundation spray insulation.

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