powerlift foundation repairEngineer recommended, steel piers for foundation repair are the recommended method by 9 out of 10 engineers across the United States.

Powerlift Foundation Repair steel piers are engineered and designed to provide the best results possible for raising and stabilizing residential and commercial structures. Using all new materials, Powerlift pilings are designed for extra strength and maximum corrosion resistance backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The photo below shows a typical Powerlift steel pier installation. As you can see, only a small hole is needed. Also notice the hydraulic hoses and control valve, key elements of our unified lifting system linking an unlimited number of steel piers together for large foundation lifts.

Steel Pier Foundation Repair
All steel piers are not equal in quality and performance. Some companies install used, poor quality materials with a minimum service life.

Oklahoma City Residence showing Cracks in Brick
OKC Residence formerly with Cracks in Bricks after Powerlift System

Home Foundation Repair in OKC Showing a Before and After, Using Powerlift Hydraulically Driven Steel Piers

PowerLift’s Hydraulically Driven Steel Piers are the Strongest Most Dependable Piers available for Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair. PowerLift Steel Piers are driven through unstable soils to Bed Rock or a True Load-Bearing Strata. In expansive soils, a deeper pier is a better pier!

image: steel piers in bedrock


Powerlift Steel Piers Set the Industry Standard for Quality and Long-term Performance.

Optimum Lifting and Driving Capabilities Provide the Best Cosmetic Recovery Possible.

#1 Pier in the Industry, Recommended and Respected by Homeowners, Engineers, Realtors and Repair Professionals.

The Most Advanced State of the Art Synchronized Lifting System in the Industry!

Minimal Landscape Damage – Fast, Clean, & Efficient.

Backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.