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If you are looking for foundation repair testimonials, see what our foundation repair customers are saying about PowerLift Foundation Repair by reading the testimonials below.

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Foundation Repair Testimonials

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Dear Mr. Bolin,
I met with four different foundation repair companies to get prices to fix my daughter’s house in Stillwater, Oklahoma. While you were not the cheapest, it was clear-from the start who was the most knowledgeable and professional.

Steve St. Clair came out to the house and was even early. He was the only company representative who had the equipment to show me the different levels of the house after pointing out to me other damage around the house that I had not seen.

When I called him to set up the job, he referred me to Linda to schedule the project. She was very nice to work with and was very understanding when the boy that does my daughter’s yard had pulled all of the locates flags up. She said no problem she would have them done again and not to worry.

The morning your crew showed up the first thing they did when they got out of the truck was to introduce themselves to me. The crew was Jimmy, Paul and Matthew. Jimmy started by walking around the house to look at the damage and to reassure me that they would ,do the job. right. He told me don’t hesitate if I had any questions or concerns and as I looked around I noted that Paul and Matthew were already unloading equipment, materials and getting started on the project.

I have never seen a crew work so hard and get along with each other so well. It was apparent that Jimmy was in charge from the beginning, but you could tell that his crew respected him and that he was not going to be out worked. His portion of the project was executed with marked professionalism from our perspective. Moreover, it was the informal, prompt and enthusiastic approach to getting the job done that we appreciated.

When they were loading the truck up after staying late to get the job done, I looked around and it was apparent that they take lots of pride in their work. Everything was cleaned up and they wanted to know if there was anything more I wanted done. They each shook my hand and thanked me for the work. It was a pleasure to work with this crew and to gain true friends!

I would like to close by saying that Jimmy, Paul, and Matthew are valuable assets to Power Lift. Please, thank each of them for all of their efforts to help us with our foundation repair.

Very truly yours,
Terry F.M. Hunt
President – Mid-Plains Electric Co., Inc.

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Watch the Video Testimonial on Mr. Cuneo’s foundation repair project on property he purchased.

powerlift foundation repair reviews

…I felt that I was dealing with a capable and professional company…

I hired Powerlift Foundation Repair (Raleigh, NC office) to install two steel support piers to stabilize my house foundation.

After noticing that one of my doors was no longer closing properly and also observing some wall cracks in the area of the door, I contacted Powerlift Foundation Repair to evaluate the problem. Jim McCown, with the Raleigh, NC office, responded promptly to my call for assistance. Jim conducted a thorough inspection of the areas of concern that I noticed, and then proceeded to inspect the entire house, including the crawl space. He discovered a crack in the foundation that appeared to be the cause of the problems I had observed.

He recommended, as confirmed by a professional engineer, the installation of two steel piers in order to stabilize the existing foundation. Jim was very patient in explaining the technical reasons for the problem, as well as the method of repair. He took a great deal of time to make certain that I fully understood the process.

Jim gave me direct contact information for Darren, the crew leader who would be handling the logistics of scheduling, obtaining the necessary permit for the work, etc. Darren called me and kept me fully apprised of the scheduling. On the scheduled date, Darren and his crew arrived promptly at the agreed-upon time and worked diligently, taking just one short break for lunch. Darren answered all of my questions and kept me posted on the progress of the work throughout the day.

While I obviously would have preferred to not have to deal with a foundation repair, I felt that Powerlift Foundation Repair made the process as painless as possible. From the beginning of the process, I felt that I was dealing with a capable and professional company that knew what needed to be done and was prepared to deliver a competent repair in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price.

As a former Special Deputy Attorney General (now retired), I have heard a lot of horror stories about home repair companies. My experience with Powerlift was extremely positive and productive, and it is my pleasure to recommend their services to my fellow Angie’s List members.


powerlift foundation repair reviews


Excellent Job! Very professional and polite crew. They made a great team.


Jim Sadler

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Polite, punctual, efficient and neat

This was the second (first official) quote I received, and was half the price of the first bid, because Powerlift determined I didn’t need as many piers as the first company had said. The workers were polite, punctual, efficient and neat. They kept me informed at every step. The work has a lifetime guarantee and they promised to return if I needed anything more. Because I’m selling my house to move out of state, I appreciate that the guarantee goes with the house (a standard of the industry, I think). The scheduler made special arrangements to fit in with my timing.


powerlift foundation repair reviews

Excellent job

We used Powerlift Foundation Repair to do foundation repair.

The workers were great and they did an excellent job. We were very pleased with it. We sure would use them again.


powerlift foundation repair reviews

They really went out of their way to help us out

We had some foundation work done and part of that included some masonry work. They did cracks in the brick work on the outside of the house. They installed 3 pairs under the foundation.

They also did masonry repair on cracks in the fascia brick on the rest of the house. The owner came out and looked at the house. He was very knowledgeable in his recommendations. A lot of times you’ll find the foundation repair, people want to tear the whole house and it’s very expensive to be done. But he said no, we’re going to deal with the things to be done to give life to the house and I really appreciated that. The guys that came out and did the work were very quick. They really went out of their way to help us out.


powerlift foundation repair reviews

Outstanding results

15 piers installed 2005 – great job – amazing to watch and see outstanding results. Called recently with question got immediate professional answer. Very highly recommended by me (and Barry Switzer). Grateful for the outstanding warranty work they provided during the last 13 years – small adjustments to couple of piers – also amazing to watch how piers can be adjusted. Great company, great warranty.

Neil Blitzer

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Great work …and UNDER budget

Great work done as described and expected. Work was completed within time frame described and came in UNDER budget. They even found a way to save me from having to have an extra pier put in which saved even more! I highly recommend this company.

Bill Martin

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Professional, thorough, timely

Powerlift = professional, thorough, timely and completed job without any issues. Area around repair returned to original state. Most impressive is that they did NOT try to sell me something I didn’t need …. like the 3 other bids I received! Second time I used Powerlift and I Highly Highly recommend!!

Jeff Long

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Highly recommend

Discount masonry repair. I was fit in as a quick job. The technician would have missed a repair had I not pointed it out. The pier cost is already on the high end. Highly recommended by engineer and realtor. Heard horror stories about warranty so won’t know unless have to use it.

Becky Hopper

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Professional, Courteous, Hard working

The crew that arrived at my house was excellent. They were very professional, courteous, hard working and explained everything they were doing in detail. I would not hire anyone but Power Lift to do foundation work at my house.

Jeff Phillips

powerlift foundation repair reviews

Very professional

I would first like to thank Steve for coming to our home and explaining the problems we had with our foundation, he was very courteous, professional, and honest and upfront with his estimate. We had extensive damage to our foundation with three huge cracks in our slab, One on each end of the house and one in the very middle. Power lift sent a crew, the crew were very professional and knew how to fix all these problems with the foundation, I appreciate it and thank you guys so very much.

Terry Hughes

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helical piers foundation repairPower Lift Foundation Repair utilizes a Patented Synchronized Lifting System with the capability to lift an unlimited number of piers at one time. We often lift over 100 piers at a time and make lifts of over 250 piers simultaneously.

Synchronized Lifting ensures that maximum elevation recovery and permanent stabilization are achieved while minimizing stress to the structure.

You can rest assured that we can lift your home in as many locations as needed to achieve maximum wall rotation and alignment to restore its structural integrity.

Power Lift’s Standard Pier has a lifting capability of over
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