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After much consideration by the Engineers, General Contractor and School board. PowerLift Foundation was chosen to solve the structural settlement issues of this OKC school. PowerLift advanced STEEL piers were successfully driven over 69 feet to true load bearing strata and simultaneously lifted to stabilize this building. All good now👍

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Foam Lifting Concrete Slabs Rises In Popularity As Cost Effective Alternative To Other Methods

ADA, OK – PowerLift Foundation Repair’s method of polyurethane foam injection lifting of sinking concrete slab surfaces is growing in popularity as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional method of demolition and replacement, as well as other injection methods. This method has multiple applications in residential, municipal and commercial markets, including, concrete slab lifting of sinking driveways, sidewalks, in residential applications and in municipal and commercial surfaces, like parking lots, roadways, and airport runways, etc. That makes, it a smarter, faster, stronger method of raising concrete slabs with many attributes:

  • Faster: Polyurethane concrete raising is 80% quicker than other injection repair methods. The material hardens in minutes, allowing repairs to be completed in hours instead of days and weeks of traditional methods. This rapid curing time of high-density polyurethane foam can allow public use immediately after the completion of the injection process.  Foam injection requires smaller injection holes of 3/8”, compared to 1”, or greater for alternative concrete lifting methods.
  • Smarter: Foam raising provides unsurpassed precision with an accuracy rate of 1/100th of an inch. Other repair methods must take shrinkage into consideration, but polyurethane foam expands and is more controllable with its quick drying characteristics. PowerLift’s material is specifically formulated to resist wet conditions, as it’s hydrophobic qualities repel water without compromising integrity.
  • Stronger: PowerLift’s polyurethane foam has a huge advantage over other material, as it provides a solid dense void platform that permantly supports the slab, of which its tensile strength and elongation allows it to be tough and pliable under heavy workloads. The foam has the unique ability to expand 20 times its liquid volume, which allows it to move laterally beneath pavement filling all voids and support the concrete slab with 100% coverage. Foam seeps into the sub-base of the concrete binding soil particles together, which strengthens the material base and creating an additional compounding effect during the lifting process and adds durability.
  • Smarter Weight: Other injection methods, such as mudjacking grout, can weigh down the sub-base up to 100 lbs. per cubic foot, as compare to polyurethane foam, which only contributes about 3 to 5 pounds per cubic foot.

Whether the application is raising a sinking driveway, or sidewalk in a neighborhood; a highway section on the interstate; or a runway at the airport, high-density polyurethane foam is a faster, smarter, and more cost effective and environmentally friendly way to get the job done.

Founded in 1986 in Ada, OK, PowerLift pioneered the foundation repair business and their patented steel pier foundation systems continue to provide the most reliable repairs available today. The Company has been a major contributor in innovative development of all known modern-day foundation repair techniques. With an A+ BBB rating, PowerLift has repaired over 25,000 residential, commercial and industrial foundations in its primary market area of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and several other states. Also, PowerLift has become the “Go-To-Company” for the most complicated commercial repair projects across the U.S. and does not consider any job too big or too small.

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Project: Dine’ College- Tsaile, Arizona

This seven-story university building is located in Northeast Arizona. The large structure was constructed utilizing large belled concrete piers drilled down 12’ below grade with intersecting grade beams between the columns.

A major leak in the water supply system allowed the building to fail at the columns and created an upheaval in the floor slab system.

Working with a local General Contractor, Power Lift installed 330 steel pilings on existing and newly built structural beams installed in the lower level. We needed to add load bearing capacity to the original concrete columns and add support for the 8” structural slab to be repoured. Several tons of rebar reinforcing was added to the structure incorporated in the new beams and floor slab.

Soil borings indicated that sufficient bearing was located at 45’. Final depths ranged from 45’-50’.

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Project: Oilfield Manufacturing Company – Bloomfield, New Mexico

The excessive loads handled by the overhead crane system and the relatively weak load bearing soils, added to the already failing foundation system on this structure. There is an obvious deflection in the roof system just above the air compressor.

A massive excavation was completed to expose the load bearing columns and intersecting grade beams. The overhead crane was loaded to its maximum capacity and set above each pier location during the installation process.

The main structure was raised 1”-2” with select columns in the loading bay area being raised as much as 5.5”. Intersecting grade beams were subsequently piered and lifted to stabilize the entire system. Notice the alignment of the roof system after the lift.

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Commercial Warehouse- Streetsboro, Ohio

The inspection and elevation study performed on the building revealed settlement of the east exterior wall and failure of the interior columns designed to support the roof loads. Elevation losses of up to 12” were found associated with the interior columns. The east exterior wall was piered, raised back into place, and stabilized.

Our focus then turned to the interior roof columns. Piers were driven on each side of the support pad on the affected columns. Five interior columns were raised simultaneously from 4” to 10.75”.

The roof had to be monitored during the lift process to re-establish the proper grade to the roof drains.

The columns were raised independently of the floor slab. The interior floor slab was pressure grouted to fill the voids and raise it more than 12”. More than 50 cubic yards of grout was pumped under the floor slab to accomplish this step in repairs.

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What You Must Know About Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Problems

Foundation repair problems can not only be come evident on the exterior of a structure, but also on the interior. Spotting foundation problems can initially be subtle, but over time, foundation issues on a structure can become a major issue.

There are three main things to look out for:

  • Foundation damage may be evident because you have settling or uneven floors.
  • Another tell-tale sign is windows and doors that no longer open and close the way they should. If you see wall separation from door and window frames, the problem could be your foundation.
  • Cracks in walls, molding, and exterior concrete also point the way to foundation problems. Look out for foundation cracks and basement cracks (including horizontal cracks in basement walls).

The good news is that Powerlift Foundation Repair can repair your foundation, whether you are needing residential foundation repair, or commercial foundation repair, Powerlift has not only a team of experts, but we have the professional equipment, backed by years of experience.

What Does Foundation Repair Mean?

While there are different kinds of foundation repair, the shared goal is to stabilize the foundation. A professional will choose the right method for the situation. Two of the main types of foundation repair are foundation piering and slabjacking.

Foundation piering takes care of shifting clay or soil and other issues beneath the foundation. Piers are driven into the ground to prevent further movement of the foundation. Slabjacking, on the other hand, will involve drilling into the foundation to strengthen it with a mixture.

Do I Need Foundation Repair?

Uneven floors, cracks, or windows and doors that stick don’t mean that all is lost. In the best-case scenario, you may even find that your house is settling.

Foundations moving is not the problem. One part of your foundation moving while another part does not, however, can lead to damage. If your house is settling, this is natural and you won’t require a foundation repair.

While it’s not all bad news, don’t leave the integrity of your foundations to chance. If you’ve seen basement cracks, foundation cracks, or any other signs of a foundation problem, heed the warning immediately. Ask for our professional, reliable advice.

If you need a foundation repair, we’ll tell you why. We won’t do anything without your agreement and you can rest assured that we can explain the situation. We will explore any disadvantages of particular techniques to help you make the best decisions for you and your property.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

The cost of foundation repair depends on many factors. These include the type and size of the property, the severity of the damage, and the ground involved. Costs vary so much that an average estimate is unlikely to be useful to you. The best thing to do is to give us a call so we can see the issue for ourselves.

Benefit from our experience and expertise onsite. We will work out a custom plan to tackle your foundation problem, if a problem exists. And we will openly discuss the cost of the solutions with you.

Although people tend not to think about the foundation until something goes wrong, it is the most critical part of your home. We want it to continue to do its job. To help you solve any issues before they become serious problems, give us a call straight away. We’re ready to serve you with our friendly customer service and our expert analysis and advice.

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A Busy Year for Foundation Repair in Oklahoma!

oklahoma foundation repairFoundation Repairs

Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair

Oklahoman’s may be headed for a long, hot, dry summer causing Foundation Settlement Havoc!  As the summer months heat up clay soils dry out causing millions of dollars in Foundation damage.  When clay soils dry out they shrink and provide less support for your Foundation.  Yes it is true hot dry summers take a toll on Foundation Stability.

When foundations settle you will see cracks develop in your Brick and Sheetrock!  Often times settlement problems cause cracks to develop in both concrete and wood floors.  When structures settle it can also cause doors to drag or stick, fireplaces will lean away from the structure causing large gaps to develop between your house and your fireplace.  You may hear your house creak or pop as settlement progresses, if you notice any one of these problems around your home you may need Foundation Repair.

When you need Foundation Repair in Oklahoma Powerlift is here for you!  We provide our Foundation Repair Services State wide, so whether your in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman, Ardmore, Ponca City, Enid, Ada, McAlester, Tulsa, Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, Durant, Lawton, Duncan, Altus, Woodward or anywhere else in Oklahoma, Powerlift Foundation Repair is your Foundation Repair Specialist.  Powerlift provides all the latest Repair techniques available.  Steel Piers, Helical Piers, pre-construction piers and Polyurethane Foam Injection and are just a few of the services we provide for all your Foundation Repair needs.

Do not be mislead by those guys who advertise a Cheapest Price Guarantee, they are cheap for a reason!  Pressed piles are cheaper but they simply do not work well in Oklahoma’s clay soils.  Engineers will tell you a deeper pier is a better pier!  Powerlift’s piers are driven to bedrock or a load-bearing strata providing long term support, we provide the most proven method in the Industry when Oklahoma clay soils shrink.

If you want the best pier in the market at an affordable and fair price, look no further!  Powerlift Foundation Repair is Oklahoma’s Foundation Repair Expert!  With over 30 years experience in providing first class Foundation Repair services in Oklahoma’s clay soils, we have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Oklahoma Foundation Repair

Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond and Enid
(405) 748-5438

Tulsa Foundation Repair

Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville and McAlester
(918) 587-5438

Altus, Lawton and Duncan Foundation Repair

(580) 355-5900

Ada, Ardmore and Durant

 (580) 332-5438

For State wide Foundation Repair service call (800)-562-5438. 

Call PowerLift Foundation Repair TODAY and put your home back on a Firm Foundation.




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Edmond Sun features Power Lift Foundation Repair

By Van Mitchell – Edmond Sun

okc foundation repairRandall McCown starts his day in Edmond going to appointments and working his way south to Norman meeting with potential customers for Power Lift Foundation Repair.

And, during those meetings he echoes the same message that is a standard bearer for Power Lift.

“We have spent a lot of years being old-school,” he said. “We tell the truth. We do the best job. All the engineers recommend us. Our objective is to give our customers an honest and competitive evaluation. I will explain to you so that you understand what it means, what is happening and how we are going to repair it.”

Power Lift is one of the oldest and largest independently owned structural repair companies in the United States serving both residential and commercial foundation repair concerns for 30 years. Power Lift Foundation Repair headquarters are in Ada, Oklahoma.

Their services include the installation of hydraulically driven steel piers, helical steel piers, pressure grouting, masonry repair and many other structural repairs.

“Our reputation with homeowners, architects, engineers and property management professionals across the United States has been the strength for our continued growth and stability,” said Bill Bolin, President of Power Lift. “Our dedicated management staff, experienced pier installers, and state of the art equipment have kept Power Lift at the leading edge of advanced foundation repair.”

McCown said Power Lift serves customers across Oklahoma and nationwide.

“The reason that people call is that they have cracks in bricks, sheetrock, drywall,” he said. “It is due to the expansive clay soil that contracts when it dehydrates when it is dry or expands when it is wet.”

Power Lift’s foundation repair system is designed and engineered to raise and stabilize residential and commercial structures, providing the best possible results. Made with all new materials, Power Lift pilings offer extra strength and maximum corrosion resistance, as well as a lifetime guarantee.

“Most of the repairs are by utilizing engineering-approved deep steel piers to bedrock that repair the areas that are needed,” McCown said. “Power Lift sets the industry standard by providing the highest-strength patented steel pier system on the market.”

McCown said Power Lift has done a variety of work in Edmond for homeowners, realtors, builders, the City of Edmond, Othello’s and the University of Central Oklahoma.

Terry F.M. Hunt, President Mid-Plains Electric Co., Inc. praised Power Lift in a letter for work the company did on his daughter’s home.

“I met with four different foundation repair companies to get prices to fix my daughter’s house in Stillwater,” Hunt wrote. “While you were not the cheapest, it was clear-from the start who was the most knowledgeable and professional. I have never seen a crew work so hard and get along with each other so well. Moreover, it was the informal, prompt and enthusiastic approach to getting the job done that we appreciated.”

McCown said Power Lift has worked hard to build a reputation that is trusted by homeowners, builders, realtors and engineers alike.

“For over 30 years, we have trained and assembled the largest team of professional installers and design specialists in the country,” he said. “We built a reputation with engineers, builders and realtors. Our call back ratio is less than one percent.”

For more information about Power Lift call (405) 748-5438 or visit www.powerliftfoundationrepair.com

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Pioneer of U.S. Foundation Repair Industry Outlines Five Step Process of Common Repairs As Season Starts

ADA, OK – PowerLift Foundation Repair, the largest independent repair contractor and a pioneer in the US foundation repair industry for over 30 years, continues its long-standing practice of releasing consumer tips for foundation repair and replacement. As the foundation industry enters its peak season in the Midwestern and Southeastern US, PowerLift provides a five (5) step- process for reliable foundation repairs and stabilization.

PowerLift Founder & President, Bill Bolin, said his firm has a relationship responsibility to publish guidelines on its website entitled “Choosing A Foundation Repair Specialist” and providing helpful consumer information to home owners about the various techniques and applications involved in the foundation repair and stabilization process.

“PowerLift has always been free with resourceful information about the foundation repair and system process because we believe an informed consumer makes good and informed decisions.” Bolin said. “Unfortunately, industry growth has brought some contractors who quickly come and go from the business and distribute some misinformation and untested processes that confuses many people at the critical time they are making repair decisions on their biggest investment – their home.”

The five (5) customary foundation repair processes are:

1). Hydraulically Driven Steel Piers: PowerLift provides a patented steel pier lifting system for perimeter foundations and interior floor slabs. Its interior slab system is the most effective assembly available to lift and stabilize floor slabs for residential and commercial structures.

2). Helical Piers: PowerLift is an industry leader in manufacturing and installation of helical piers for residential and commercial structures. Its patented helical piers, combined with its proprietary, synchronized, hydraulic-lifting system, is one of the best options available to lift and stabilize foundations on residential and commercial structures. As a result, PowerLift piers are recommended by architects, structural engineers and construction professionals across the US.

3). Pre-Construction: PowerLift installs helical piers to support new foundations in the pre-construction process for all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It designs, manufactures and installs single and multiple-flight helical piers using a wide range of pile diameters to provide the required load capacity customized to each project.

4). Foam Injection: PowerLift pioneered concrete slab lifting with high density polyurethane foam injection, which provides a light-weight, yet expansive, and economical lifting option to stabilize settled and sinking concrete in many residential, commercial and industrial projects.

5). Mud Jacking: Is a process of mixing water with concrete that is pressure pumped to lift and stabilize settled concrete by filling voids beneath concrete slabs on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

PowerLift Foundation Repair, founded and still based in Ada, OK, since 1986, pioneered foundation repair and steel pier foundation systems in the US with patented equipment and lifetime warranties. With a BBB A+ rating over three decades, PowerLift, has repaired over 25,000 residential, commercial and industrial foundations in its primary market areas of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and several other states.



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