Are there visible cracks in the walls of your home? Do the windows or doors always seem to stick? If you answered yes, then your property could have a problem with its foundation. A strong foundation is critical to the integrity of any property, and visible cracks or gaps in the walls are obvious signs of structural damage. Neglecting the issue is only going to cost you in the long run.

crooked chimneyIf you think that you may have uncovered a problem, you may be wondering exactly what to do about it. The simple answer is to find a quality foundation repair service company like us and have them fix the issue before it becomes worse and costs you a bucketload of money. But what does this entail? Here is what you can expect when calling us at PowerLift Foundation Repair.

Our inspectors will come to your property to look for the obvious warning signs in order to confirm that the problem is actually foundation related. We start with an assessment of the exterior of the structure and then work our way in. On the outside, we’ll check for things like visible gaps in the walls, bricks separating from window casings, chimney leaning or deflection in grout lines. On the inside, we’ll check the elevations of different flooring types (e.g. carpet, wood, tile, etc.) and measure them carefully for unevenness. We’ll also check for movement of sheetrock, rafters, and joists in the attic, and identify any cracks or gaps in the walls, doors that no longer close, and separation of trusses.

After a complete evaluation, the inspector will clearly outline all areas of foundation failure and recommend a course of action based on their findings. In some cases, the structure may only need minor repairs; in others, it may require additional support beneath the foundation. If this is the case, specialized equipment will be used to hydraulically install steel piers. These will be driven to the bedrock and used to stabilize the foundation, preventing further settling.

Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, you have a vested interest in keeping your structure in good shape. If you notice signs of foundation failure, you’ll need to have the property evaluated by an experienced professional as soon as possible. With professional foundation repair services in North Carolina from PowerLift Foundation Repair, you can prevent major structural issues and further damage to the property. Call or contact us today for more information or to set up an assessment!