Signs of foundation failure include the following:

  • Doors That Drag Or Stick
  • Gaps Between Ceiling & Wall Or Floor
  • Nails Backing Out Of The Sheet Rock
  • Windows Out Of Square Or Sticking
  • Floors Out Of Level Or Cracked
Cracks in bricks are common signs of foundation movement, as seen in this photo. Interior sheetrock cracking. Garage Door Separation When vertical settlement occurs walls rotate laterally.

Look inside your house for:

  • Cracks in sheetrock on walls and ceiling
  • Doors that drag or stick
  • Gaps between ceiling and walls
  • Nails that are backing out of the sheetrock
Don't wait too long to address cracks in sheetrock. This floor slab has settled approximately 3 inches. Slabs are generally easy to lift back to the desired position.

Look outside your house for:

Cracks in the brickwork
Gaps between brickwork and doors and windows
Brick leaning away from garage doors
Fireplace leaning away from house
Sagging roofline

ff4The Powerlift System is the most Advanced Foundation Repair system in the industry.

Once settlement occurs, additional suppport must be added beneath the foundation. The POWER Lift system hydraulically installs steel pilings under the foundation to assure that no future settlement can occur. Our piers are driven to bed rock or an equal load bearing strata to stop foundations from settling.


With the proper pier placement and installation, elevation losses due to settlement can be recovered, generally closing cracks in the brickwork as shown above. While 100% recovery is not always possible, POWER Lift has the knowledge and equipment to accomplish the best possible results.

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