When you specialize in foundation repair in Nashville, you’re going to work on a variety of homes and buildings. A home in the suburbs and a historic house in the downtown area can be equally prone to foundation problems. The buildings and homes are always changing, but the underlying problems all seem to be the same.

At POWER Lift Foundation Repair, we’re more than happy to assist in foundation repairs, but there are certain signs that you can look for to minimize both the work and the subsequent bill. Don’t let a relatively simple foundation repair turn into something that can cause you thousands of problems in the future. Learn to identify the following issues that can affect your foundation:

Plumbing leaks

plumbing leaks

When most people think about leaking plumbing, they imagine dripping faucets and leaking u-traps underneath their sink. But these are not always the cause of the problem. A leak in any of the main pipes around your property can cause the foundation to shift. More often than not, the offending leak comes from a sanitary sewer – a drain that takes incoming water away from your home and back to the city’s service area. Contact your municipality if this is a problem you run into.

Bad ground preparation

In order to have a well-built home, you’re going to need a sturdy foundation; in order to have a stable foundation, however, you need to have good ground. Soil comes in a variety of densities, and low-density soils or improperly compacted soil beneath a home or building is one of the most common causes of foundation problems. This can be a very tricky issue to catch, as you most likely did not own the property at the time of construction. Our team can assess your structure and see if your foundation was improperly built or if the soil has become unstable.

Bad drainage

Nashville isn’t particularly known for its rainy days or floods, but drainage is still very important. On the few days that the Nashville metro area gets hit with a lot of rain, homes without proper drainage will have water accumulating in troublesome areas. Extra moisture can cause a surprising amount of erosion, and that will remove soil that supports the foundation and the rest of the house. This can lead to significant cracks. If you notice any of these or suspect foundation issues, contact us immediately.

Poor foundation

Sometimes, the main problem with a building or home foundation isn’t caused by external forces. Brittle steel, bad concrete, and generally poor construction practices can lead to a weak foundation. If you notice separating bricks, doors that won’t close properly, or any of the other tell-tale signs that you might have a foundation problem, call us at POWER Lift Foundation Repair at 800-562-5438 today!