oklahoma foundation repairsFoundations settle when it’s hot! Yes, the hot summer months mark the time of year when homes and buildings sink in shrinking clay soils!

This affects both residential and commercial buildings in areas where expansive soil exists. If you see cracks in the ground in your yard near your home or building you are a likely candidate for foundation failure.

The most common signs of foundation problems are cracks in brick, cracks in sheetrock, unlevel, cracked or sinking floors, fireplace leaning, and doors dragging or out of square.

If your home or commercial building settles, you may need foundation repair. Choosing a Foundation Repair Company can be a hard decision for some people but it shouldn’t be. The best Foundation Repairs in expansive clay soil requires a pile that penetrates through the unstable soil zones down to a hard pan or stable material often referred to as Bedrock or an equal Load Bearing Strata.

Hydraulically Driven Steel and Helical piers are the most proven method of Foundation Repair in the Industry without question!

Don’t be misled by companies that promote shallow concrete repair methods or non-reinforced concrete pressed piles! These methods simply don’t work in expansive clay soils. Experienced Engineers will tell you that a deeper pier is a better Pier!

Powerlift Foundation Repair installs the strongest patented hydraulically driven steel & helical piers in the industry!

Powerlift’s Repair services set the Industry Standard for Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction!

Powerlift’s Foundation Repair Services include:

  • Residential Steel Piers

  • Commercial Steel Piers

  • Heavy duty residential and commercial piers

  • Helical Piers – residential and commercial

  • Pre-construction helical piers for residential and commercial projects.

  • Slab piers

  • Basement supports

  • Poly Urethane Structural Foam

  • Professional Poly Urethane Foam

  • High Density Poly Urethane Foam

  • Poly Foam Lifting and Stabilization

  • Mud-Jacking

  • Pressure grouting

  • Concrete pumping

  • Flowable fill injection & pumping

  • Masonry repair

  • Wall & brick anchors

  • Floor leveling

  • And many other professional structural repair services.

All of these services at a competitive price provided by one of the most Stable Foundation Repair Companies in the Industry!

Contact Powerlift today and put your home back on a firm foundation @ 800-562-5438 or find us online at our website: powerliftfoundationrepair.com. Go to our locations page to find a representative near you! Powerlift provides statewide service for residential customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina. Nationwide service on commercial foundation repair projects.

Powerlift Leading the Industry in Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair!