Cheap Foundation Repair companies are here today and gone tomorrow!  Just like in most cases you get what you pay for!  You only advertise to have the Cheapest Price Guarantee if you don’t have anything else to promote your company with!  These companies use non-reinforced Concrete Pressed Piles.

Most Engineers don’t recommend Pressed Concrete Piles because they don’t work well in Oklahoma’s Clay Soils; a deeper pier is a better pier!  Steel and Helical Piers are the piers of choice to people who know the difference.  Powerlift Foundation Repair is Oklahoma’s Foundation Repair Specialists!  With more than 30 years of continued service, Powerlift provides the best pier in the market at competitive price!

While employing the most knowledgeable and experienced Repair Staff, Powerlift is your best choice for Quality Foundation Repair; we have installed tens of thousands of piers that continue to provide optimal performance when clay soils expand and contract. Foundation Repair is no game; don’t be misled that a cheap pier will provide long-term performance.  Consumers today should be smart enough to know that all piers are not equal.  Just like as with anything else, you get what you pay for.  Based on performance history, the Powerlift pier provides the most cost-effective fix for your Foundation Repair needs.  Be wise and fix it right the first time!

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