Power lift Foundation repair provides the most experienced foundation repair specialists in the industry. Powerlift estimator’s average over 20 years of experience at our company alone.  Power  lifts  job  foremen’s average over 18 years of in house experience as well. It doesn’t stop there, our office personnel average over 19 years with us.

While Power lift may not be your cheapest estimate, that is part of  the reason why.  Power  Lift Foundation Repair employs experienced foundation repair specialists, ensuring the team of specialists not only have the latest technologies, but also the best materials and equipment on the market.  Our piers drive deeper, through unstable soils to a solid,  load bearing strata.

We have discovered that in order to remain the industry leader, we must give our customers the best of all there is to offer. We pay our employees for their experience and knowledge because in the long run, the customer receives benefit in long term job performance!

I, myself, am a 28 year veteran at Powerlift. I have seen every method to repair foundations attempted. The Power lift pier is the only pier I would use on my home. I have visited and worked with hundreds of home owners who had gone with a cheaper repair method only to be disappointed with it. In the long run it does not pay to go with a cheaper repair method. Power lift, with all we have to offer, is by far the best value for your money. If you want your foundation repaired right the first time you should call Power lift.

Blake Ronk

28 year Powerlift veteran
U.S. Army Veteran

Contact Powerlift today at 1-800-562·5438 or www.powerliftfoundationrepair.com and put your home back on a firm foundation.