Foundation Repair Problems

Foundation repair problems can not only be come evident on the exterior of a structure, but also on the interior. Spotting foundation problems can initially be subtle, but over time, foundation issues on a structure can become a major issue.

There are three main things to look out for:

  • Foundation damage may be evident because you have settling or uneven floors.
  • Another tell-tale sign is windows and doors that no longer open and close the way they should. If you see wall separation from door and window frames, the problem could be your foundation.
  • Cracks in walls, molding, and exterior concrete also point the way to foundation problems. Look out for foundation cracks and basement cracks (including horizontal cracks in basement walls).

The good news is that Powerlift Foundation Repair can repair your foundation, whether you are needing residential foundation repair, or commercial foundation repair, Powerlift has not only a team of experts, but we have the professional equipment, backed by years of experience.

What Does Foundation Repair Mean?

While there are different kinds of foundation repair, the shared goal is to stabilize the foundation. A professional will choose the right method for the situation. Two of the main types of foundation repair are foundation piering and slabjacking.

Foundation piering takes care of shifting clay or soil and other issues beneath the foundation. Piers are driven into the ground to prevent further movement of the foundation. Slabjacking, on the other hand, will involve drilling into the foundation to strengthen it with a mixture.

Do I Need Foundation Repair?

Uneven floors, cracks, or windows and doors that stick don’t mean that all is lost. In the best-case scenario, you may even find that your house is settling.

Foundations moving is not the problem. One part of your foundation moving while another part does not, however, can lead to damage. If your house is settling, this is natural and you won’t require a foundation repair.

While it’s not all bad news, don’t leave the integrity of your foundations to chance. If you’ve seen basement cracks, foundation cracks, or any other signs of a foundation problem, heed the warning immediately. Ask for our professional, reliable advice.

If you need a foundation repair, we’ll tell you why. We won’t do anything without your agreement and you can rest assured that we can explain the situation. We will explore any disadvantages of particular techniques to help you make the best decisions for you and your property.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

The cost of foundation repair depends on many factors. These include the type and size of the property, the severity of the damage, and the ground involved. Costs vary so much that an average estimate is unlikely to be useful to you. The best thing to do is to give us a call so we can see the issue for ourselves.

Benefit from our experience and expertise onsite. We will work out a custom plan to tackle your foundation problem, if a problem exists. And we will openly discuss the cost of the solutions with you.

Although people tend not to think about the foundation until something goes wrong, it is the most critical part of your home. We want it to continue to do its job. To help you solve any issues before they become serious problems, give us a call straight away. We’re ready to serve you with our friendly customer service and our expert analysis and advice.