Concrete floor slab settlement is normal, but can cause major problems and result in costly damage to your home. The warning signs of slab foundation problems inside could include wall cracks, especially where walls meet ceiling, door or window jams, or cracks in tile over concrete floors. Warning signs of foundation settlement problems outside include bulging or curved foundations, cracked foundations or moisture in the crawl space. There are many slab foundation repair methods, but all are generally easy to lift slab back into desired position and repair the concrete foundation. Concrete floor slab problems affect far more than we believe, especially if some of those problems are ones we don’t see. They are also something we often don’t think about.

Floor slab issues must be taken care of quickly. Sometimes the signs of slab problems can be subtle, but if you are ever in doubt, there is no harm in having a foundation professional come out and look at it. Foundation and slab issues are sometimes exclusive to each other. At PowerLift, we will properly diagnose the problem and work with you to get your slab back to normal.

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concrete floor foundation settlement

This floor slab has settled approximately 3 inches.

concrete slab foundation repair method

Slabs are generally easy to lift back to the desired position.