POWERLift Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair Services include:


For exterior and interior foundation and floor slab support, POWER Lift’s patented steel pier systems are designed to achieve maximum elevation recovery and provide long term stabilization. Pier depths may range from less than 10 feet to over 100 feet. The average pier depth is 25′ to 30′.


Helical Piers have become one of the most widely used foundation repair options in the industry for both residential and commercial structure. PowerLift is an industry leader in the installation of a wide range of helical piers. This process is also used to support lighter loads such as porches, wing walls, decks, patios, and stairways. Learn more about how POWER Lift uses helical piers.


This process, also known as Foam Lifting, offers the latest and most advanced form of concrete repair and soil stabilization. PowerLift is an industry leader in High Density Polyurethane foam injection foundation and slab repair services.


PowerLift installs a wide variety of pre-construction helical piers. This service is often used for new construction and stabilizing add ons to both residential and commercial structures.


These services are used to fill voids created by soil consolidation and erosion as well as those created by lifting procedures. This process is also used to raise floor slabs throughout the interior of homes and buildings, leveling floors, and realigning interior walls and doors.


This process is used to fill voids and consolidate soils at various depths below grade. Compaction grouting reduces unpredictable soil consolidation and increases the load carrying capability of the soil.


POWER Lift provides a full line of wood floor repair services for both residential and commercial structures. These services include the addition and replacement of wood floor joists, stringers, box sills, and various wood support members that have allowed floors and walls to settle. This often includes the replacement of rotten and termite damaged wood.


These services are often needed in the repair of settling foundations and wood floors. The ability to pump concrete into hard to reach places is often the key to successful shoring of wood floors and the laterial reinforcement of existing foundations.


Replacing broken brick and tuck pointing cracked joints are common masonry repairs required to make a foundation repair job complete. The replacement of broken brick is not recommended in every instance. Tuck pointing and mortar patching generally accomplish the desired appearance.

POWER Lift offers many other structural repair services and foundation repair options. Learn more about the POWER Lift advantage or call for a free estimate: 800-562-5438.

crack in brick wall before PowerLift System


wall after PowerLift System


Results as indicated in the photos above are not uncommon when quality foundation repairs are performed. POWER Lift takes pride in achieving the best results possible in every phase of our work. If the cracks in your home or building can be closed or corrected, POWER Lift’s crews can do it. However, 100% crack closure is not always achievable and no guarantees are made by anyone in the industry that optimum crack closure will occur. Once the lifting process is completed cosmetic repairs are performed to achieve the best cosmetic results possible.