Foundation Repair Concord NC

If you live in Kannapolis and Concord, NC, it can be hard to find dependable and reliable foundation repair experts. However, when you live in Kannapolis and Concord, NC and choose PowerLift Foundation Repair Concord NC, you don’t have to worry about dependability or reliability because we strive to meet your foundation needs! Our team of foundation repair specialists are dedicated in providing you with the best foundation repair around. We use the latest technology in every repair like our patented PowerLift System.

We are so sure that the PowerLift System will correct foundation problems that we patented the technique! We go beyond industry standards so you can get the best repair work done whether you are in Kannapolis or Concord. And we also serve both residential and commercial properties so your safety, your family’s’ safety and your customer’s is never at risk when you choose PowerLift Foundation Repair Concord NC.

In addition to our outstanding service, we also provide FREE inspections and evaluations to properly assess the severity of your foundation damage. Generally speaking, our inspections will take about 30 minutes to an hour to complete but more time will be needed if the damage is more significant. If you have foundation problems in Kannapolis or Concord, there are a few indicators to look out for:

Doors and windows not properly shutting/aligning in frame

  • Exterior cracks
  • Water infiltration in the basement/crawlspace
  • Interior cracks in walls

If you want to schedule an appointment and to speak with a foundation repair professional in North Carolina, please contact us today at 1-800-562-5438 to set up an inspection. Our technicians will give you a comprehensive foundation repair solution for your property in Kannapolis or Concord, so give us a call!

Foundation Repair Concord NC