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Foundation repair ok

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Local Oklahoma foundation repair services for residential and commercial foundation repairs. For foundation repair Oklahoma, PowerLift has been serving Oklahoman’s for over 30 years.

PowerLift’s foundation repair system is engineered to raise and stabilize residential and commercial structures. We provide the best possible results; our superior pilings are made with all new materials, providing extra strength and corrosion resistance. We offer a LIFETIME Guarantee with our foundation repairs.

PowerLift Steel Piers are driven through unstable soils to Bed Rock or a True Load-Bearing Strata. PowerLift Foundation Repair provides professional foundation repair services to the following cities in Oklahoma.



For Statewide Oklahoma Foundation Repair call Powerlift Foundation Repair at our toll free number 1-800-562-5438, or one of our local foundation repair locations.





foundation repair oklahoma


foundation repair oklahoma


What You Can Expect From PowerLift Foundation Repair in Oklahoma

foundation repair oklahoma

Whether you are needing commercial or residential foundation repair, you can expect the following from PowerLift Foundation Repair’s Oklahoma specialists.

  1. Your Oklahoma foundation repair PowerLift team arrives in a timely manner with all equipment and materials required to complete the job quickly and efficiently.
  2. Holes are hand-excavated for typical pier installation and takes 1-2 days to complete. You can expect very minimal damage to landscape.
  3. PowerLift’s equipment is able to fit through a gate door that is at least 3′ in width.
  4. To minimize stress during the lifting process, piers are linked together for a synchronized lift.
  5. Once the job is complete, PowerLift crews remove all debris from the job site to restore it to near original condition.
  6. Are you ready to put foundation problems behind you once-and-for-all? Speak with one of our Oklahoma PowerLift Foundation Repair experts today!
oklahoma foundation repair

Looking for Foundation Repair Services in Oklahoma City?

We also offer financing for our foundation repair services.