4 "Don'ts" of Commercial Foundation Repair

foundation crackIf your business or apartment building is settling, you will need to have it repaired – and in relatively short order. There are plenty of commercial foundation repair companies in Tennessee, but they don’t all deliver quality results like we do at POWER Lift. Here is what NOT to do when finding a quality company and getting your foundation fixed.

1.  Don’t just patch the cracks – This is a big mistake that business owners and business property owners make constantly. When your commercial space shows foundation cracks, uneven settling, or bricks “separating” and pulling away from each other, this is not just cosmetic damage. It is not only caused by age or some water drippage and is not going to stop with time. In fact, over time it will get worse as the foundation continues to sink and the small cracks become major splits, stuck doors, tilted floors or even collapsed structural elements. Your property is an investment and foundation damage will devalue that investment. When you see the telltale signs of foundation damage, call a commercial foundation repair company and get the problem fixed.

2.  Don’t rely on concrete pads alone – Many foundation repair companies will try to sell you on a quick fix: they will shore up the foundation by putting concrete “shoring pads” under the sunken areas. These pads rarely fix the problem! They act like “shims” and get the foundation back up to level, but they still rest on the same soil as the original foundation—it’s like trying to shim something up on quicksand. It will not last for long. Instead, ask for steel piers to be driven in that can reach to a stable bedrock layer. You might think it will save you money to try the cheap option first but, in reality, you just end up doing both.

3.  Don’t use a company that doesn’t specialize in commercial projects – Most foundation repair companies in Tennessee work primarily on residential projects. That’s because there are a lot more homes than businesses. While the technology is the same in both, the process is not: for a commercial project, you’ll want to hire a company that has commercial experience. They will better understand the pressures of your schedule and deadlines, your budget, and the reality of coordinating a large number of piers over a bigger building to get successful results.

4.  Don’t work with a company that cannot present proof of insurance – Every contractor will say they have insurance, but ask for the proof and make sure their policy covers the type of commercial work that you require.

What else do you look for in a commercial foundation repair company? You’re sure to find it at POWER Lift! We provide the best quality service in the industry to both commercial and residential clients – and we have ample experience with both! Contact us today for a free estimate!