When to Consider Foundation Repair for Your Home

shutterstock_145474471When you are a homeowner, regular repair and maintenance on your home is expected. From replacing the roof, tending to the yard or fixing that crack in the foundation, no repair is out of the ordinary during home ownership. However, how do you know when that crack in the foundation is serious? Do you call in an expert or just leave it alone? Whatever the prognosis may be, here are some things to consider when seeking foundation repair.

Visual Inspection of Foundation Cracks

Perhaps you noticed a crack in the foundation of your home and now you are unsure what to do next. The most simple and proactive step to do is inspect the rest of your house. First, start outside the home and walk along the perimeter of your house. Grab a marker or piece of chalk to identify any other cracks on the exterior. If any are found, write the date and the size of the crack so you can track if it expands. Second, head inside to check out any damage in the basement or crawl space. Mark any cracks with the same information as before and make note of how big they are. Be sure to check all other walls and ceilings as well.

Do any of the doors or windows in your house seem to ‘stick’ when you try to open or close them? This may not be because of paint, this could be the frames of the windows or doors being ever-so-slightly twisted, it obstructs their ability to open/close properly. If this is the case, you may need to get those cracks repaired. Your home may be settling somewhere and it’s causing the rest of your home to twist in a position it wasn’t originally in.

Weather Related Foundation Cracks

If you are noticing foundation cracks, unleveled floors and gaps above kitchen cabinets, the weather could be causing your home to move. In long periods of dry spells, typically droughts, the soil that your home sits on will begin to shrink, causing your home to reposition itself on the compacted soil – settling in a different position. Take notice of these weather changes because they could be the root of foundation problems.

If your home begins to show signs of cracks, unleveled floors and issues opening/closing doors, it’s time to call in a professional. Spackling a crack won’t fix the problem; it will only act as a band aid until it’s properly addressed. In addition, if you notice any horizontal cracks, immediately seek professional help, these cracks are extremely dangerous and are in need of foundation repair ASAP.

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