Guide to Commercial Foundation Repair in Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina Foundation Repair


Charlotte, NC has a growing economy and is a hub for local and regional businesses. Unfortunately, the Charlotte area also has soft soil which can mean foundation problems—and these problems can affect commercial buildings just as easily as homes. Often, business owners will overlook the early signs of foundation settling or put off foundation repair as long as they can. But sooner or later you will need to repair your building or risk serious damage. Here is your complete guide to commercial foundation repair.

Does It Matter?

The first question many business owners ask themselves when looking at signs of a potential foundation issue is, how big a deal is this? The answer is that it can be a very big deal. Whether you use your commercial space for your own business or lease it out to commercial tenants, it is one of the biggest investments you’ve made. Allowing the foundation to settle will first result in cosmetic blemishes, then in annoyances like uneven floors and doors that don’t close, and potentially in water leakage or even structural damage. It’s important to fix it quickly.

How Do I Fix It?

The good news is that when you take appropriate action to fix your foundation it will be a long-term fix and prevent the settling from recurring. The way this is done is by “jacking up” or raising the foundation. Once it is raised, piers can be driven into the ground below it and the building can then rest stably on these piers. The end result is a building that looks better and can resist settling.

Note that this is not a DIY job. While homeowners sometimes attempt their own foundation repair, the results without professional help are mixed—and commercial structures tend to be much larger and heavier. Call in a commercial foundation repair expert to do the job.

Which Method Is Best?

You will generally see three methods of foundation repair advertised: concrete blocks, cable-linked blocks, and steel piers. Although steel piers cost more, this is the method you want to choose. Only steel piers are likely to reach down to solid bedrock which means they are the only method that will stop the settling for good.

Additionally, look for a foundation repair company in North Carolina that has experience with large commercial buildings in Charlotte. Ideally they use a computerized hydraulic lifting system that can manage a large structure with a high number of piers.

Are you considering foundation repair for your commercial space in North Carolina?