Foundation Problems Brick House

Cracks in a brick home can be common when foundations are not stable. We have seen a wide variety of foundation problems in brick homes, from hairline cracks that are not as visible, to major cracks that affect not only the appearance, but also the safety of a brick home.

Powerlift Foundation Repair has foundation EXPERTS, that can help you resolve any issues you may be encountering in your brick house.

Seeing cracks in brick wall? It may mean signs of foundation problems and not just a cosmetic issue. You’ll want to get a thorough review of the brick wall cracks by a foundation repair professional to investigate for possible foundation problems. If it is determined your foundation is compromised, you will want to get the foundation repaired to avoid further damage or problems down the road.

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Powerlift Piers execution

Once Powerlift Piers have been installed and the lift executed cracks in masonry are generally hard to locate.

Cracks in brick are disappearing

Cracks in bricks are common signs of foundation movement, as seen in this photo.

Foundation problems brick house

Cracks in brickwork.

vertical settlement - walls rotate laterally

When vertical settlement occurs walls rotate laterally.

Garage Separation Before

Garage Separation Before

Garage Separation After

Garage Separation After

Cracks In Brick

Cracks In Brick Before

Cracks In Brick After

Cracks In Brick After

signs of foundation repair

Oklahoma City Residence showing Cracks in Brick – a definite sign of Foundation Repair being needed

okc no cracks in brick after PowerLift System

OKC Residence formerly with Cracks in Bricks after Powerlift Foundation Repair System was administered