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PowerLift System

Our PowerLift System is engineered to deliver excellent results when stabilizing and raising structures to fix foundations. With the use of new materials, your foundation will be better than it was before and you can have peace-of-mind with our satisfaction guarantee.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we evaluate when we visit your home or business.

We look at all alternatives that are available to you for securing your foundation. These alternatives can include any combination of straight steel piers, helical piers, mudjacking, and high density poly foam.

There are applications when straight piers are not always the right answer to a foundation repair project. In general, straight piers are used on the interior and when the ground is not too hard to penetrate.

We use the weight of the house to drive it deeper into soil until we reach a firm foundation of soil when using straight piers and a lot of times that can be bedrock.

Parts of water line are generally introduced straight into the surface as well as using the trademarked synchronized lifting process we press this water line much deeper into your ground. We weld another section on as soon as we get to the end of that pipe and continue the process until we reach the solid point we are going to stitch the house to.

Steel plates are welded to the top of the pipe sections and those are adhered to the foundation. When it is too difficult to penetrate into the ground, this is where helical pier is the best solution.

Helical Piers

If you want to know how helical pier works, it acts much like a screw and turns into the soil digging itself deeper. This enables us to go deeper without putting too much stress on the house.

Helical piers are typically too large to use interior since the size of hole for the pier will be rather large. Only the first section of pipe is different than the normal piers when using helical piers. It has the screw head at the end which digs deeper. The finishing process is the same as straight piers.

Some other alternatives for fixing the foundation include mudjacking and high density polyurethane foam.



Mudjacking is usually used to raise interior concrete floors. After a foundation is poured and settled, there can be a void left in the space below the foundation or ground water can slowly move that soil out.

However, with mudjacking we can inject mud under the foundation and fill that gap which will bring the floor back to level. This works great for large open areas where there is a noticeable concave section.

Mudjacking in general does not raise the floor a lot but helps fill the void and will raise the floor some.

High Density Polyurethane Foam

For maximum floor lifting power we use high density polyurethane foam foundation repair. This foam goes in and expands to fill the gaps. This also has the power to lift your concrete foundation beyond what mudjacking can.

Another place where foam concrete repair is used is on the driveways. It is used to bring them back to level. A small hole is drilled in the concrete and the foam is pumped in to raise the slab back to square.

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