Edmond Sun features Power Lift Foundation Repair

By Van Mitchell – Edmond Sun

okc foundation repairRandall McCown starts his day in Edmond going to appointments and working his way south to Norman meeting with potential customers for Power Lift Foundation Repair.

And, during those meetings he echoes the same message that is a standard bearer for Power Lift.

“We have spent a lot of years being old-school,” he said. “We tell the truth. We do the best job. All the engineers recommend us. Our objective is to give our customers an honest and competitive evaluation. I will explain to you so that you understand what it means, what is happening and how we are going to repair it.”

Power Lift is one of the oldest and largest independently owned structural repair companies in the United States serving both residential and commercial foundation repair concerns for 30 years. Power Lift Foundation Repair headquarters are in Ada, Oklahoma.

Their services include the installation of hydraulically driven steel piers, helical steel piers, pressure grouting, masonry repair and many other structural repairs.

“Our reputation with homeowners, architects, engineers and property management professionals across the United States has been the strength for our continued growth and stability,” said Bill Bolin, President of Power Lift. “Our dedicated management staff, experienced pier installers, and state of the art equipment have kept Power Lift at the leading edge of advanced foundation repair.”

McCown said Power Lift serves customers across Oklahoma and nationwide.

“The reason that people call is that they have cracks in bricks, sheetrock, drywall,” he said. “It is due to the expansive clay soil that contracts when it dehydrates when it is dry or expands when it is wet.”

Power Lift’s foundation repair system is designed and engineered to raise and stabilize residential and commercial structures, providing the best possible results. Made with all new materials, Power Lift pilings offer extra strength and maximum corrosion resistance, as well as a lifetime guarantee.

“Most of the repairs are by utilizing engineering-approved deep steel piers to bedrock that repair the areas that are needed,” McCown said. “Power Lift sets the industry standard by providing the highest-strength patented steel pier system on the market.”

McCown said Power Lift has done a variety of work in Edmond for homeowners, realtors, builders, the City of Edmond, Othello’s and the University of Central Oklahoma.

Terry F.M. Hunt, President Mid-Plains Electric Co., Inc. praised Power Lift in a letter for work the company did on his daughter’s home.

“I met with four different foundation repair companies to get prices to fix my daughter’s house in Stillwater,” Hunt wrote. “While you were not the cheapest, it was clear-from the start who was the most knowledgeable and professional. I have never seen a crew work so hard and get along with each other so well. Moreover, it was the informal, prompt and enthusiastic approach to getting the job done that we appreciated.”

McCown said Power Lift has worked hard to build a reputation that is trusted by homeowners, builders, realtors and engineers alike.

“For over 30 years, we have trained and assembled the largest team of professional installers and design specialists in the country,” he said. “We built a reputation with engineers, builders and realtors. Our call back ratio is less than one percent.”

For more information about Power Lift call (405) 748-5438 or visit www.powerliftfoundationrepair.com

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